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what sets
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Welcome to Bahamas Orthodontic Center

Dr. Barry Russell and Dr. Jahan Johnson-Munnings do more than straighten teeth; they improve people’s oral health and create beautiful, lasting smiles!

The Bahamas Orthodontic Center doctors and team members have provided advanced, personalized care since 1991. As a patient-centered practice, everything we do is tailored to each person’s unique needs. By learning about a patient’s desires, and understanding the clinical situation, our doctors are able to create the perfect care plan for that person.

In addition to clear and metal braces for all ages, Bahamas Orthodontic Center offers early orthodontic treatment. We offer Damon Braces and Damon Braces for adults, which use self-ligating brackets and high-tech archwires. Our practice combines state-of-the-art techniques and leading-edge technology with the essential human touch!

We believe in partnering with each patient and the family to ensure the best treatment experience and outcome. We want you to be an excited, active participant in your smile transformation and to love every step of the process! We’re here to help and support you and are honored to be your choice of orthodontic provider.

Please contact one of our three Bahamas locations, in Nassau on New Providence, Cable Beach on NassauFreeport on Grand Bahama, to learn more and schedule a visit.

Dr. Russell, Dr. Johnson-Munnings, and the Bahamas Orthodontic Center team are excited to meet you! We’d love to help you achieve the beautifully healthy smile you deserve. Call now!

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